I have seen Eric Ewig and Scott Campbell three times in the past three years, following shoulder surgery, quadriceps tendon repair (knee) and spinal surgery. I am a 69-year-old male who leads a fairly sedentary life!

In every case, Eric and Scott’s physical therapy was highly effective. Simply put, I recovered my strength and “got well!” Their incremental regimen turned out to be most appropriate, because I almost never had much pain the day following the therapy sessions. They were very careful not to push my injured body parts excessively, even though they were strengthening them and had me doing appropriate exercises.

One of the things I enjoyed about my experience with Eric and Scott was that while they were extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and physical therapy, and serious about their work with patients, they maintained a friendly and lighthearted atmosphere whenever appropriate. This resulted in very pleasant conversations among patients when they were in the central room. I think most of their patients would view Eric and Scott as friends, in addition to being their physical therapists.

For all of these reasons, I give Eric Ewig and Scott Campbell my highest recommendation. If you go to see them, you will get better and enjoy the experience at the same time.
— Matthew M. L, Ph.D.

As an athlete my entire life, and an All-American in college, I’ve spent hundreds of hours with trainers & physical therapists. As a forty plus year old man, I dislocated and injured my shoulder, which required several screws and anchors to repair and stabilize. Eric Ewig and his crew were in charge of my rehab, and I can tell you, I have never been in better hands. The Ewig staff are insightful, intuitive, supportive and smart, and have a real feel how to do what they do well. I was in great hands during the rebuilding process, and I would recommend this team to anyone who needs the best care available. Truly Top Notch group!
— Jason C

I have been treated by Eric and Scott three times in the past three years for two post-surgical shoulders and a knee. Their patience, attentiveness, and realistic goals help me to continue my dreams as a D1 athlete. They are incredibly knowledgeable and always take the time to explain the injury as well as the treatment process. I have observed and experienced their compassion in understanding the toll that an injury can have on a person. They have inspired me to actively pursue a career in physical therapy and have been great mentors throughout this process. I highly recommend the pair of them for anybody who needs physical therapy whether you are looking to get back to sport, your job, or to simply maintain a better quality of life.
— Becki

Eric operates the BEST physiotherapy clinic in Napa Valley; hell, he’s put me back together so many times that I’ve come to memorize the 2,000 songs on the music playlist in his therapy room!

Seriously, I have sent more than a dozen friends and work colleagues to Eric’s therapy clinic and have myself been a recurring patient for post-surgical therapy (rotator cuff), for a badly bruised elbow, for shoulder work, for hamstring injuries, etc.

And as good as the professional treatment is here — that’s also how good the personal element is; Eric and his associate, Scott Campbell, have pleasant, outward dispositions; they really care about their patients, they speak to them as equals and patients actually feel that Eric and Scott empathize with them as they push you through muscle stretches you didn’t think possible post surgery.
— Jim W

Eric is a miracle worker who made me work hard, take my recovery seriously, and get my new knees working great in just a few months. He is the perfect compliment to a great surgeon, good nutrition, and long lasting physical therapy. He takes his job seriously and stays up on new physical therapy techniques that benefit his patients. Most of all, he makes getting stronger and healthier fun and rewarding.
— Dorothy S (After a double knee replacement)

Being an active 53 year old male, I have had a multitude of injuries and treatments over the last several years.
From strains to torn muscles; and most recently a complete throwing shoulder rebuild.

Because of Eric’s experience, knowledge and staffs commitment to providing me with the best care.
Along with following his strict stretching and motion, strength training regimen, I was able to make a full recovery.
However during my rehab stints, I witnessed how communicative and attentive he is to all his patients, regardless of injury.

And that making everyone feel comfortable, promotes healing and recovery.
Keep up the good work.
— Eric S

I wanted to write a quick note to update you as I have just had my 6 year review of my bi-lateral knee replacement at Stanford. Dr. Maloney was impressed with my flexibility and more important, the great condition my knees and legs are in. They have tracked this very closely as I have progressed in the upper 98th percentile of patients going through this procedure.

I feel the key was engaging you, Scott and Eric Ewig Physical Therapy immediately upon returning home. I began two days after leaving the hospital. You took the steps to encourage, monitor and bring me back to full health over the time I spent with you. The progress from walker to crutches to cane to free standing was incredibly short. You knew exactly how much to push and what was needed to keep me on track. My progress was amazing and focused on the goals you and I set together. Your attention to detail and great skill was the difference.

I am an avid cyclist, can walk and work in my vineyard and am healthier and happier than ever.

Thank you!
— Harry and Ellen P

Having not led the gentlest of lifestyles, I can speak with some degree of authority regarding physical rehab, and my personal experience of Eric Ewig and company. From auto, motorcycle, skiing, and horseback wrecks, one might say that, “I have been ridden hard and put away wet.” Over the past six or seven years, I have had numerous occasions to require Eric’s physical rehab services, and have found he and Scott to be completely professional, compassionate, encouraging and thorough. Heck, they even make the hard work kind of fun, if one can imagine such a thing.
— Mark S. P